FLACON product development

Offers support throughout the product develop-ment and management process of cosmetic products.


Project Management

Involved in a supporting or fully coordinating role in bringing cosmetic products to market. From concept creation to launch, including all intermediate development stages involving manufacturers, designers, copy writers, web developers, etcetera.


Product Development

In order to develop a perfect product, all the right steps have to be taken. It is essential to carefully map all options and corresponding considerations. Knowledge of formulation & content, perfume, packaging, artwork & design, production processes, as well as legislation and quality are paramount. A framework with clear translations of client’s wishes to a concrete development assignment, which can seamlessly be executed by a third-party, saves both time and money, and results in products that meet expectations.


Concept & Brand Development

Whether it concerns deepening and broadening of an existing concept or development of an entirely new concept, in all instances we are able to provide sound advice. An evaluation of the concept will provide insight into its strength and whether the ultimate brand experience will be achievable. We create a positioning that corresponds best with the core values of the brand. We take the customer’s needs into account and seek the appropriate approach. More conservative or completely out-of-the-box, both approaches can lead to innovative creations.


Portfolio Management

Analysis of the existing product ranges serve as inspiration for newly to be developed products and are a source of information on

the status of current sales. Do the products still fit the brand and current strategy? Do they still meet the constantly changing needs of customers and are they aligned with the latest trends? Are they still up-to-date with respect to the latest innovations, production techniques and legislation? Are products still generating the desired sales and are costs prices and product margins still acceptable?

Together we develop a comprehensive plan.


FLACON offers expertise in:

-  Registrations and legal requirements

-  PIF's and safety assessment

-  Development in the EU and China

-  Supplier audits

-  Packaging development

-  Perfumery and olfactive language

-  Knowhow of cosmetic formulations,

   ingredients and their functions

-  Quality assurance

-  Consumer complaints



Private Label Products:

-  Body care

-  Bath and shower products

-  Facial products

-  Decorative cosmetics

-  Home perfumes

-  Scented candles

-  Accessories



FLACON helps to expand the product range beyond the limited standard scope and ensures that a personalized product can be introduced. Independence in combination with access to a large network of professional suppliers ensures flexibility, alignment of interests and results in maximum bargaining power.


We are committed to an end result that fully meets your expectations. Insight in the product range, setting the framework and summarizing the desired outcome in a clear and concise assignment for third-party manufacturers is key. With the objectives as well as costs in mind, we can work together to achieve the targeted margins.


FLACON has all the required knowledge and expertise in order to work in a focused and coordinated manner, which will result in a perfect end product.


The advantages

1  Project Management from A to Z

2  Conceptually innovative and out-of-the-box

3  Fast and clear communication with developers

4  Up-to-date on all trends and industry innovations

5  Access to a large network of industry professionals

6  Clear overview of estimated investments and sales




1  No standard packaging and content, but bespoke products

2  The right link between product and customer

3  Flexibility in respect to all elements of the product

4  Lower purchase prices, better margins and greater revenues

5  A beautiful, complete product that perfectly matches all criteria set


My education “Life Science” provided me with valuable knowledge of biology and chemistry, which would form a great starting point for a career in the beauty industry. I decided not to pursue a career as a lab analyst, but set out to find new challenges and opportunities to develop myself.


In past years I have developed my skills at companies such as Hema and Rituals. In order to further specialize in the field of cosmetics I studied “Cosmetic Science”, a curriculum that encompasses all matters involved in the development, formulation, production and launching of cosmetics; focusing on the technical aspects of cosmetics.


My passion and vision have led me to start a career as an independent advisor for the development of innovative concepts, the launching of cosmetics and the invigoration of complete product portfolios. Not stuck in a single place, but with a wide and open perspective on the entire market, always on the look out to make and strengthen connections.


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Private Label product development

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